Frank DiGiovanni has been working as a photographer for the past 20 years and since 2006 has operated DiGiovanni Photography, in Kingston, New Jersey. His close proximity the both New York City and Philadelphia helped create an early passion for street photography where he would spend up to 8 hours per visit studying his surrounding as the sun, shadows and endless array of people, shapes and color palettes would come together to create a piece of art that is missed by most. Today he employs many of those same fundamental skills but now his portfolio runs the gamut from the natural to architectural perspectives and more avant garde macro photography that emphasizes texture, form and movement. Through his work he seeks to capture the beauty of his surrounding as a poet, painter or song writer would. In addition to his fine art photography, Frank has worked on assignments and commissions for weddings and portraits, as well as, clients in advertising, real estate and property development, interior design and corporate art.